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Program Name

Fundamentals of LNG & LNG Value Chain


Program Objectives

  • Understand physical properties, chemical properties and safety aspects of LNG.
  • Describe the concept of LNG value chain and economics.
  • List techno-commercial factors involved in the development and operation of LNG regasification terminals.
  • Understand commercial and contractual arrangements in the LNG industry.
  • Identify developments in Small Scale LNG.
  • Understand LNG Shipping and Ship Handling at receiving terminals.
  • Enumerate global and domestic scenario and pricing of LNG.
  • Gain hands-on feel of an operational LNG regasification terminal.



Managers, engineers, planners, business development professionals, financial analysts, legal professionals and government regulators involved in any one area of LNG industry can get grounding on all other areas. Participants who work with LNG projects, including equipment and service providers, shipping companies, insurance companies and consultants can gain insights into the activities along LNG value chain. This foundation course will be beneficial to technical/commercial graduates who are interested in learning about the LNG industry.




23 - 25 March 2020



₹ 40000



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Center of Excellence : LNG Academy